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About Me

        Starting in the 1980's I toured the world playing drums and in the 70's marched snare drum performing in the Drum Corps International Finals.

    I'm currently working on 5 original CD solo projects which will feature drums, mallets and percussion and I hope to have some of them finished soon.

    I'm also playing with various groups around the Chicagoland area and decided to start teaching more in the area as well.
     With over 40 years experience playing and 30 years experience teaching, I believe I can help students achieve their goals at a fast pace and reach their potential.


Services Include

       *  In your home

  Half hour to hour lesson

*  Many styles covered including - Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Blues and more

*  Standard rudiments and custom made rudiments

*  Traditional and match grip playing techniques

*  Odd meter and soloing

and much more . . . .

Things the student needs

Drum sticks  -  preferably 5a wooden tip

Something to play on  -  a drum pad or a drum set

A music stand  -  ( optional )  but would be very helpful

Latest News -

       Get information on the latest drum gear and on other music  related topics.

Plus I'll post some interesting finds I see from the internet and also music projects I'm working on . . . . .

Laptop & Coffee

small running title

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